Wild Shay | 100 Women Who Care Campbell River Event

When I saw the original article on Facebook I knew I wanted to be a part of the 100 Women Who Care Organization. The premise – 100 women who donate $100 each meet for 100 minutes and vote to donate $5,000 to two local organizations nominated by the 100 members. So wonderful! 

100 Women Who Care-1.jpg


I loved the idea that a $100 donation would end up making a larger impact. I also loved that the nominated organizations didn’t have to be non-profits. There are a lot of local organizations that are non-profits that do great work in our community but don’t always get the same opportunities for funding.

I signed up right away and then found out that they filled the 100 founding member spots within 48 hours of opening registration. Pretty amazing for our little community. A few weeks after joining, one of the organizers reached out and asked if I would be interested in donating my time to shoot the event, of course I said yes.

The event was such a hit. All the nominated organizations were invited and housed an information booth. Voting members could walk around and learn about all the nominees before they voted for them. Speaking to some of the nominees they were very grateful for the opportunity of exposure at an event like this. For me, it was a great reminder of all these incredible people who donate their own time to these incredible organizations that do important, and necessary work in our community. They are the real heroes of the event and I hoped to capture that with my images.

100 Women Who Care Event.jpg


The evening pressed on with delicious food donated by The Anchor Inn & Suites (who also donated the space), Greig Seafood who donated the seafood, Quality DeSigns who donated the large cheques and Coastal Community Credit Union whose staff volunteered their time to help at the event. And then it was voting time! The 100 women took their two voting cards and dropped them into the bag representing the organizations they hoped to win the $5000. The votes were quickly tallied and the cheques written in secrecy. It was an exciting moment to find out the first organization to win was the Campbell River Women’s Centre and secondly the Campbell River Hospice Society. Both organizations representatives spoke about what this money meant to them which included keeping their doors open and the importance of events like this to get their name out into the community and connect with people who align with the work they are doing.

It was a great evening had by all and I look forward to the next one. Below I will link the full gallery from the event and also link and list all the nominees from the event so you can check out their websites and find out what they are doing. I challenge you to find one that you align with and make a donation (of any value) or reach out to see how you can get involved.  I will also link the 100 Women Who Care Campbell River website as they are taking additional members for another event in the fall of this year so sign up!

I just want to thank founders Amanda Raleigh, Colleen Evans, and Tina Bailey for their trust in me to capture the event and all their hard work to bring this great organization to Campbell River!