Wild Kin | Josh, Marisa, Benen & Sully, Campbell River

It was a downpour when I pulled into the parking lot the morning of this Wild Kin Family Session. Pouring. Like kept my coat on to go outside and still got soaked west coast pouring rain. The forecast was telling me it was going to clear up the moment our session started and I crossed my fingers that it was going to. When Marisa and her beautiful family arrived, it was still pouring so we sat in our cars for 10 minutes and finished our coffees waiting it out. I ran out to the beach to make sure that the big black cloud was moving away from us and that blue sky was moving towards us and thankfully it was.

At almost 8am on the dot the clouds parted, we smiled at each other through droplet covered windows and knew this was our moment. The sun came out for us that day at full force and we weren't complaining about it for one moment. It was such a wonderful morning from watching Josh make Benen belly laugh to witnessing Benen's first time in the ocean I couldn't have asked for a more perfect morning with such a wonderful family. 


Marisa, your love for your family radiates in these photos. The smiling facing of your boys are a testament to your beautiful soul and dedication to your family. It was such an honour to be the one to capture that for you and be a part of Josh's birthday and Benen's seven month milestone. 

osh, Marisa, & Benen, Family Photos, Wild Kin -3.jpg
Josh, Marisa, & Benen, Family Photos, Wild Kin -1 .jpg

Thank you so much for choosing me as your mothers day gift what an incredible honour. 

With Love,