Wild Souls | Happy Birthday Tiny T!

Tyrus is one of the coolest kids you will ever meet. I may be biased because he’s my nephew, but you can ask anyone that’s ever met him. There is no other Tyrus in the world quite like ours. He and I have always had a special bond, we share a love for all things Harry Potter and fashion and for as long as I can remember he’s been the brightest light in my life. But my Tiny T as we affectionately call him isn’t so tiny anymore.

This year Tyrus turned 16 and I asked him if he wanted to come shopping and hit lavender fest with me for his birthday, of course he obliged. (See the coolest) and when I picked him up I told him I loved his outfit and he said “It going to look so good against the lavender!”

I just can’t get enough of this kid. The fact that he even thought about that is why I love him so dearly.

We spent the morning browsing and checking out our favourite stores in Courtenay and then headed to one of my favourite places – Shamrock Farm. This is the most gorgeous family run farm! The moment you walk in you can feel the heart and soul that goes into every aspect of it. There is never a charge to visit, the barn always smells amazing, (like lavender oil distilling in the corner) and the smiles on everyone’s faces are from ear to ear. They host four events each year- Spring Plant Sale, Lavender Fest, Pumpkin Harvest, and Winter on the Farm, so you can start each season being surround by the magic that they each bring. Please don’t ask me which one is my favourite because I can never decide but Lavender Fest is a top contender.

The Lavender wall is something out of this world. The smell is amazing, the colour is one only nature could produce, and how can you not love the most perfectly curated selfie wall backdrop. Tyrus worked it in front of the camera. He always makes me look like such a great photographer but really that is 99% just who he is. When we went out to the lavender field a lady stopped me and asked, “Where you guys just in Courtney?” I responded with “yes” and she replied “I knew it, you couldn’t miss that guy, or that hair” and I laughed, no you can’t really miss Tyrus, his spirit and that fabulous hair are one you will remember long after he’s walked past you.

During our day I wavered for one moment on something I really wanted to do, something so simple but was trying to find the courage to do. I started to panic, and I told Ty, he turned to me and whispered, “Go do it!” I turned towards the fear and as I took my first step towards it he shouted from behind me “BE BRAVE!” This kid just gets me.  

We had such a wonderful day celebrating him. And I think these photos capture just a sliver of the personality he exudes. Tyrus turning 16 felt like a big one for me and I wanted to capture this moment in time where I still feel like he’s my Tiny T, even though he’s way taller than me and can drive.  I’m really not ready for him to grow up because I’m pretty sure he’s going to do something amazing with his incredible personality and sense of all things cool. Which means he will most likely desert me and leave our tiny little island for better and bigger.

No matter where he goes or what he does he will always be my Tiny T and I hope I bring as much magic to his life as he does to mine.

Happy Birthday T!

Tyrus Lavender Fest.jpg
Tyrus Lavender Fest 2.jpg
Tyrus Lavender Fest 3.jpg
Tyrus Lavender Fest-26.jpg

You may have seen this image floating around my website and social media. It was actually shot by Tyrus!