Wild World | Milan

We recently returned from a three week trip through Italy and Greece and I’ve been dying to share some of our photos from our trip. We hit 7 cities in 22 days and while it felt like we missed a lot at home I could have stayed for another year. It was hot, magical, exhausting, and wonderful. Truly the trip of a lifetime. 

I’ve decided to do a little series on the blog from our travels, to share a little with you but also to help me remember it all. 

We live in a little town on Vancouver Island and getting off our island is always a hassle. Its a two hour drive, two hour boat ride, 40 minute bus ride, 4 minute train ride all just to get to the airport. Phew are you tired yet? Because we were. After waking up at 3:30am we finally arrive at the YVR airport at 1030am and boarded our plane. 30 hours after we woke up we arrived at our airbnb in Milan! 

Milan 1 -1.jpg

Milan was the quickest tour of all our cities and we ran through it at lightening speed in only a day and a half. It was not enough but we made the best of it. Upon arrival we headed to Obica, a mozzarella bar. We really hadn’t mastered our Italian yet so ordering was almost a disaster. I’m sure they cursed us in the kitchen. Cory ate his first pizza (so many pizzas) and we shared a delicious charcuterie board, pictured below. We then boarded a hop on hop off bus to tour the city. I thought it would be a nice easy way to end our first day in Milan after traveling for so long but I did not take into account the gentle rocking of the bus as it meandered through the city and rocked us both to sleep. We head bobbed our whole way around but finally made our way home, back though the many doors and four keys it took to get back into our little apartment (also pictured below with a balcony full of green) And please do not ask us how long it took us to get out of said place with four keys and four doors the very first time. I will say I could have drank a cuppa. Time for bed at 8pm. We were exhausted. 

The morning of our first and only full day in Milan we headed out to do what you do as a tourist in Milan we went to the Duomo (Italian word for Church). We headed up to the top to the roof top terraces and the view was spectacular. While Cory had to talk me down a few times from a panic attack (I’m unbelievably afraid of heights) it was worth all the drama. And whats Italy without a little drama. We then made our way into the church and lucky for us they were holding mass as it was Sunday morning. The organ bellowed, smoke from blown out candles filled the nave and power of it all really over came me. The Gothic style church is magnificent and the fourth largest in the world. Construction began in 1386 and it took almost six centuries to build. It is still our favourite church that we visited throughout our entire trip.

We also toured through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (mall). Which is a piece of art in itself. The Galleria is home to some of the oldest shops and retailers in Milan, including haute couture shops such as Versace and Prada. We drove by the football stadium, which supports two professional football teams, the horse track, and Milan’s downtown area which is slowly becoming a contemporary district full of high-rises and modern architecture. 

We ended the evening laying in the grass at Sforza Castle reeling from our second day in Italy. I will never forget you Milanese women dressed so impeccably and effortlessly. After a rest and snuggle in the grass staring up wondering how we were so lucky to be where we were we made our way home in the most Italian way possible, with gelato in our hands. 

Milan, and Italy for that matter, is such a juxtaposition. The old with the new, buildings 900 years old across the street from a McDonalds. What a wild world. 

We stayed in an area called Brera which was beautiful! A large wooden door greeted us at our apartment and the gorgeous 15th Century Santa Maria del Carmine church was right next door. (The orange church below)

We stayed in an area called Brera which was beautiful! A large wooden door greeted us at our apartment and the gorgeous 15th Century Santa Maria del Carmine church was right next door. (The orange church below)

Milan Italy 2.jpg

Don’t mind these phone uploaded ones ;)

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Until we meet again Milan. I promise to stay longer, dress better and drink more wine.