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wild kin | a fall mini's recap

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Clients are always asking if I do mini's. And in the past I've always said no. Truthfully I really like getting to know my clients, their families, and having time together to establish a real connection. Mini's felt rushed and a little intimidating. How could I create the same connection in only 15 minutes?

So I ran a test shoot. I invited a few of my friends to a real mini session to see how it felt. I already had a connection with these people so if it didn't work with them then I definitely couldn't do it for strangers. Except, I loved it.

I loved the crazy. I loved the hectic. I loved the fast pace and the oh wait slow down for one minute (literally one) and go again. We had a blast. And so I decided to open them to the public. I planned a marketing campaign, set a date, and made a plan. I opened them and within a few hours all 6 were gone with a few people messaging me to please open a few more spots. So I did. I was still worried about giving everyone my full energy and attention for that long to every family but I knew once I started, it would just flow.

So the day rolled around, the rain held off, and as expected everyone was amazing! Old clients, new clients, old friends, and new friends showed up and made it the perfect day.

What I came to realize was that yes I love an hour session where I get to know every family member and capture the connection between one another. But sometimes families just want a quick memento from the year, or a beautiful photo to grace the front of their christmas card, or a gift for the grandparents. And as a proponent of mom's getting in front of the camera, printing photos, and capturing all the stages of your family, I realized that even in 15 minutes we can get what we're looking for; memories you can have forever.

I loved the mini day so much I have planned to run them again in 2021. I am also thinking about holiday mini's as well. If you would like to sign up to be notified on mini dates please do so through the link below.

Thank you to all the families who came out and brought the fun!


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