Shayla Attfield,  Wild Shay Photography

Hello Friends!

Thank you for perusing my page. My love for photography came as a need for a new creative outlet. I simply picked up a camera one day and completely fell in love with being behind it. I pushed myself to learn as much as I could as fast as I could and while I still believe I practice photography, because I will never be done learning, I feel so blessed to have found it.

I am a planner, an entrepreneur, a mess, a partner, a hiker, an aunt, a night owl, a lover, a water baby, a hip hop dancer, a photographer, a feminist, and a work in progress.

I love Sunday mornings, giving back, large cups of tea, adventures, sangria, calm days on the water, Birkenstocks, my fierce girl squad, cheese, camping, hip hop, mountains, and wearing all black.

I believe in creating a better world, getting involved, women empowerment, education, speaking up, sharing, and doing what you love.

{Shayla Attfield)

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind, and find my soul
— John Muir