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hello friends!

Thank you for being here!


Wild Shay has been my dream for a long time. A desire to do something that combined all the complex pieces of who I am. I wanted to create, to explore the world around me, and carve my own path and for a long time I didn’t know how I would bring all of that together. But luckily for me, I found photography by way of a Christmas gift and an encouraging friend who asked me to take a few photos of their newborn. 


Now those photos are nothing to brag about but in that moment I fell completely in love with being behind the camera. And from that day on I have given everything I can to photography. Wild Shay feels like my creative soul, my wanderlust heart, and my business brain are all working in harmony to please the different parts of who I am. And for that, I am incredibly grateful that this is what I get to do. 

{Shayla Attfield)

Shayla Attfield Headshots-1.jpg

i am  a planner, an entrepreneur, a mess, a partner, a hiker, an aunt, a night owl, a lover, a water baby, a hip hop dancer, a fashion lover, an anti-racist, a photographer, a feminist, and a work in progress.

i love Sunday mornings, giving back, large cups of tea, adventures, prosecco, calm days on the water, Birkenstocks, my fierce girl squad, camping, hip hop, mountains, and wearing all black.

i believe  in creating a better world, getting involved, womxn empowerment, education, speaking up, sharing, and doing what you love.

the bucket list 

I wrote my first bucket list in 2008 and have been living my life to check things off of it. While the list is long here are a few samples of what it contains. Can you see a trend? 

Live in another country for a year 

Visit london - I travelled here by myself and saw all the sites; Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, and Stonehenge. But my favourite part was having a butterbeer at the Harry Potter lot. 

Learn a second language

Visit the Grand Canyon


Drive the coast from CR to California

my ultimate  fav's

food: pasta - any kind, any time 

city: paris - hands down the bests food, sites, drinks, and sidewalks I've ever expereienced 


artist: music - eminem, photographer - India Earl  

fashion trend of the moment: high rise anything ;) 


5 fun facts 

about me


I am obsessed with Harry Potter. I've even been to the Warner Bros. studio in London and had a butterbeer.  


I am 100% addicted to Tim Hortons steeped tea. The longest I've gone is 24 days without one, and that was only because I was out of the country. 


One thing on my bucket list is to live in another country for 1 year, any suggestions?


I am terrified of heights but make myself do things involving heights all the time. I've climbed the 528 steps to the top of St. Pauls Cathedral, and even gone on the 550ft tall ferris wheel in Las Vegas. Why? I'm still not sure. 


When I was a kid I was in love with dolphins and couldn't wait to turn 18 and get a dolphin tattoo. Thankfully I grew out of that terrible idea and only ended up with a few stars on my foot. 

The Thompsons-93.jpg

my philosophy


I want everyone who walks in front of my camera to feel safe, comfortable, and confident. I want to create pockets of moments that you never expected and allow for moments of complete chaos.

Because life is wild, and I aim to capture all the wildness of love, family, and life. Your deepest laugh, your truest love, your wild soul, I'm here for it all.  

community involvement 

Wild Shay Photography believes in giving back to the community in which we live, work, and play. We believe in supporting womxn, the environment, and other organizations that are already doing incredible work in our community. 

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