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wild bump | the vissers

It was a wintery day out with the Vissers. We originally planned for a different spot a ways from here from the wind picked up and little B was not having it. I mean I wasn't either but anything for the shot right? We quickly switched gears and decided to head to this snowy little spot and see if he was happier throwing snow balls at me. Spoiler alert.. he was ;)

We spent the first little bit playing with B and I think by the end he was enjoying the cold (no wind here helped alot)! Then we let him warm up in the car which gave us a few minutes to focus on mom and dad. I love giving parents these few tender moments together. A few laughs and the odd deep breath to remember what it's all about, this beautiful new life coming soon. Dad soon left us too to go warm up with B and momma and I did the opposite.

Marisa had brought a beautiful dress we planned to do a few photos in. We weren't exactly planning for the snow which made things a lot colder than originally anticipated but boy was it ever worth it. Scroll to the bottom to see her transform into a snow queen.

(Thank you Tiffany for that perfect description of her)

As always I had an incredible time with the Vissers. And capturing what we now know to be their blue eyed beauty, Charlie Carter, makes it feel even more special when I look back.

The transformation.


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