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Welcome to Wild Shay. Torn between a love for writing, photography and all things creative my soul was set on fire the first time I really got behind a camera. Now, I realize I never really had a choice. This is what I was meant to do. To capture humans in their rawest state with their most important people. You cannot hold love in your hand but I will try my best to put it in your frame.





We spend our entire lives looking for someone who truly sees our soul and vows to protect it. When that happens, sparks fly. You spin on the merry go round, with bright eyes and rosy cheeks. You gush, you blush, you are full of magic. Your soul feels safe. You are safe. You are home. And that look cannot be faked.



Photos are a blessing. I think of those I've come to know through a photograph. My own kin from generations past who shaped who I am and who fought for me to be here. We are forever connected to their soul through the photograph in our hands. It places us, it connects us, it allows us to belong. Family is the most complex, wonderful, messy, incredible dynamic. And I love for so many reasons, the ability to capture it all.

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Growing up on Vancouver Island has shaped who I am. I yearn for days spent with lungs filled with salty ocean air or standing among trees hundreds of years old while they creak and grown with the strength to outlast any storm. I am completely in love with the sounds and song of the wild coast and I feel such gratitude to call this ever changing place my home. This is where I belong.

Follow your passion, it will lead you to your purpose
— Oprah Winfrey

Kind Words

“I would highly recommend Wild Shay Photography. We recently had a family photoshoot, and Shayla was truly amazing. From the beginning she was professional and easy to communicate with. Our time with Shayla legitimately left my soul feeling happy and content. She is truly a genuine person with an eye for capturing beautiful moments. I will forever cherish the photos and beautiful memories she captured for us.” - Marisa



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