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wild love | devin and nicole

Devin and Nicole weren't sure if they wanted a photographer for their wedding. And boy am I ever grateful to Nicole's sister, Christine, who pushed back on that idea and reached out to me.

We arrived at the beach and I didn't meet Nicole until she got out the car to walk down the isle. However, her incredible dress and veil immediately caught my eye and I basically swooned with the thoughts of her portraits. We walked down the beach and the ceremony began.

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony, with her nephews holding that gorgeous veil, and their adorable puggle Hank in a matching bow tie. We skipped off after the ceremony for bride and groom portraits on the beach and I truly couldn't believe how gorgeous these two where, #couplegoals if I ever saw it. Her veil, that dress, that stunning blue tux, it honestly felt like a styled shoot rather than an actual wedding.

Bride and groom portraits are my favourite part of a wedding. It's not just time for me to take the perfect photo of them it's also time for them to be together, privately. While I guide what is happening in front of my lens I like to also sit back and give them quiet moments together. Go for a walk and tell each other how you're feeling in this moment. That time together may be your only moment alone the entire day and it's important to me for you to have that.

I think these photos speak for themselves and shout if you are unsure of booking a photographer or buying that veil just do it, I'm begging you.

Thank you Nicole and Devin (and Christine!) for deciding to have a photographer and choosing me. I think these will my favourites for a long time.


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